Quail Chicks Still in their Shells

quail eggs which hatch together

quail eggs

The quail builds her nest and sets on her eggs on the ground; so they must all hatch at the same time. Not until the entire dozen or so are laid, does the mother quail begin setting. Why does she wait until then? Who told her to do this?

However, all the eggs do not develop at the same rate. Yet all hatched out at the same time.

Scientists eventually discovered the cause. The faster ones click in their shells to the slower ones, and that causes the slower ones to speed their development! Everything in nature is a continual amazement.

Moles Equipped to Dig & Sense Worms and Grubs Deep Underground

The mole is not blind, but has good eyes although often hidden by fur. It may not run very well, but it surely can dig! A mole’s front feet are small spades, with well-designed claws on the ends.

Its nose and tail have special nerve endings which can strongly sense vibrations. These vibration sensors obviously were carefully designed, for they have thousands of parts. With them, a mole can actually hear worms and grubs crawling several feet away in solid dirt.The mole is not ruining the ground, but is eating the grubs which destroy the plants.

The Adjustable Jaws of Squirrels, Rats, and Beavers

dental bones of rodents

dental bones of rodents

A squirrel, rat, or beaver has perfectly designed teeth. When it wishes to cut something with its chisel teeth, it slides its jaw forward.In order to grind up its food with its back teeth, it slides its jaw backward, and the cutting teeth fit, out of the way, in a vacant space.