Where Does the Evidence Lead

Where Does the Evidence Lead – explores the theory of intelligent design. This is a A Six-part Education Series from Illustra Media (66 min.)

Part I: Life’s Big Questions:
A new challenge to the theory of natural selection. (10:06) Darwin’s work and theory. Is natural selection enough to explain the diversity of life on earth?

Part II: What Darwin Didn’t Know:
Explaining the complexity of the living cell.(8:00) Cells, miniature complex worlds, questioning the source of miniature molecular machines, bacterial flagellum issues.

Part III: Molecules and Mousetraps:
Molecular machines that defy Darwinism. (11:21) Cellular machinery, flagellar motors, irreducible complexity, source and assembly problems, limitations of natural selection.

Part IV: How Did Life Begin?
Why “chance” cannot explain the origin of life. (10:47) DND, amino acids, proteins, sequencing, probabilities, astronomical numbers.

Part V: The Language of Life:
DNA, genetic information and life on earth. (13:20) Chemical attraction and biochemical predestination, necessity of DNA and ribosome’s, life’s elaborate code, conditions for self-replication, transcription, translation.

Part VI : The Design Influence:
The scientific evidence for intelligent design. (13:25) Good science: unprejudiced search for truth, no arbitrary exclusions, inference to intelligence, letting evidence speak, matter, energy and information.

This DVD is similar to Unlocking the Mystery of Life. Its parts roughly correspond to the 12 chapters of that DVD as follows: However it may lend itself better to classroom use.


Part 1 Chapters 1& 2
Part II Chapter 3
Part III Chapters 4,5 & 9
Part IV Chapters 6 & 7
Part V Chapter 8 & 10
Part IV Chapters 11 & 12


For more than a century, Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection has defined biology. Yet today, a growing number of scientists question its ability to account for the origin and diversity of life. This six-part series examines Darwinian evolution and presents a powerful challenge to its validity: the theory of intelligent design.

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