Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

Unlocking the Mysteries of Life, by Illustra Media Presents, argues the scientific Case for Intelligent Design. These charts introduce you to the contents of the DVD so you can plan to use it in your class.

Main Menu:

1. Play Program (65 min. of fantastic and amazing science info. and demos.)
2. Chapter Selection (see below)
3. Bonus Features (see below – 45 min. plus)

2. Chapters

1. Introduction

4 min.


2. Darwin’s Theory

7.25 min.


3. Doubts About Darwinism

7 min.


4. Irreducible Complexity

5 min.


5. Co-option

6 min.


6. How Did Life Begin?

4.5 min.


7. Proteins

6 min.


8. DNA

4.5 min.


9. Chance and Natural Selection

2+ min.


10. Cell Factory

4 min.


11. The Design Inference

15 min.


12. Credits

1.5 min.


Approx Time. from: to:


2. Explain Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection.


8. What is the probability that a cell could have formed by chance alone?


3. Bonus Features: Time:
1.What Darwin Saw: Wild Life of the Galapagos –
(wildlife and scenery video)
2. Darwin and Design: *Questions and Answers 21:50
3. Reference Library: books and videos
4. Scientists and Scholars: profiles of those in this DVD5. Internet Resources:
1.Define “Darwinian Evolution” and the philosophy of materialism 1:57
3. What are the limitations of Darwin’s Theory? 0:50
4. Define Irreducible Complexity. 0:50
5. What challenge did Darwin propose to test his own theory? 1:18
6. What is the most remarkable aspect of the bacterial flagellum? 1:33
7. Describe the complexity of the living cell. 2:29
9. What is information? 2:20
10. What is the information capacity of the DNA in a human cell? 0:58
11. Why can’t biological information originate through a materialistic process? 1:40
12. What is the present status and future of the intelligent design movement? 1:23
13. What potential benefits does intelligent design theory hold for science? 2:03
14. Is Intelligent Design Theory an attempt to bring religion back into the laboratory? 1:30

3. Bonus Features: part 3.(above) Reference Library: books and videos list
1. Darwin’s Black Box: Michael J. Behe
2. Darwin on Trial: Phillip E. Johnson
3. Icons of Evolution: Jonathan Wells
4. Intelligent Design: William A. Dembski
5. Intelligent Design in Public School Science Curricula:
6. Nature’s Destiny: Michael J. Denton
7. No Free Lunch: William A. Dembski
8. Of Pandas and People:
9. Science and Evidence of Design in the Universe:
10. Signs of Intelligence: William A. Dembski
11. The Design Inference: William A. Dembski
12. What’s Darwin Got Do do With It?
13. Icons Of Evolution (Documentary Video) Coldwater Media
14. Unlocking The Mysteries Of Life (Educational Video Series) Illustra Media

3. Bonus Features: part 4. (above) Scientists and Scholars and their Profiles in print:
1.Michael Behe
2.William Dembski
3.Phillip Johnson
4.Dean Kenyon
5.Jed Macosko
6.Stephen Meyer
7.Scott Minnich
8.Paul Nelson
9.Jonathan Wells

3. Bonus Features: part 5. (above) Internet Resources:
1. Access Research Network
2. Discovery Institute
3. A Critique of PBS’s Evolution
4. Int’l. Society for Complexity, Information and Design


This DVD is similar to the one called “WHERE DOES THE EVIDENCE LEAD?” which may lend itself even better to classroom use than this excellent one does. The chapters here correspond roughly to the 6 parts of that DVD as follows:


Chapters 1 & 2 Part I
Chapter 3 Part II
Chapters 4,5 & 9 Part III
Chapters 6 & 7 Part IV
Chapter 8 & 10 Part V
Chapters 11 & 12 Part VI


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