Icons of Evolution

Icons of Evolution, The Growing Scientific Controversy Over Darwin. An intellectually refreshing examination of today’s Darwinian Evolution debate, exposing the bias and intolerance of those who ignore the evidence, blatantly suppress the facts and vigorously oppose the spirit of true scientific inquiry in order to support a shaky and seriously flawed dogma.


1.Introduction: Evolution 0:00-2:44 8. Bacterial Resistance 26:36
2. Controversy in Burlington 5:10 9. Homology 30:58
3. Scopes Monkey Trial 6:50 10. Cambrian Explosion 35:45
4. National Attention 11:05 11. Cheng Jiang Fossils 40:29
5. Haeckel’s Embryos 16:44 12. Back to Burlington 44:21
6. Darwin’s Finches 21:14 13. Teaching the Controversy 50:33
7. 4-Winged Fruit Fly 23:34 14. End credits 51:42


A. Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions (10 live answers) (23:53)

1. What is Darwinian Evolution? (1:16)
2. What Do Darwinianists mean by “random variation”? (1:57)
3. What is microevolution and what is macroevolution? (1:27)
4. Is the evolution of whales from land animals a well-documented example of Darwinian evolution? (3:38)
5. What are the icons of evolution? (5:18)
6. Isn’t the controversy over Darwinian evolution really about religion, not science? (0:49)
7. Is it anti-science to question Darwinian evolution? (1:39)
8. Is it good to expose students to dissenting views in science? (0:51)
9. Is it unconstitutional for a teacher to criticize Darwin’s theory in the classroom? (3:27)
10. Will school districts be sued if they allow teachers to teach the scientific controversy over Darwinian evolution? (3:31)

B.10 Questions To Ask Your Biology Teacher: (Further information and documentation about the following questions can be found at www.iconsofevolution.com/tools )

1. Origin of Life      (see details of these printed questions on the DVD)
2. Darwin’s Tree of Life
3. Homology
4. Vertebrate Embryos
5. Archaeopteryx
6. Peppered Moths
7. Darwin’s Finches
8. Mutant Fruit Flies
9. Human Origins
10. Evolution A Fact?

C.Recommended Web-Sites:
Organizations critical of Darwinian evolution:
Discovery Institute
Access Research Network

Organizations supportive of Darwinian evolution:
National Center for Science Education
National Association of Biology Teachers

D.Recommended Books:
Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why much of what we teach about evolution is wrong – by Johnathan Wells
Darwin’s Black Box – The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution – by Michael Behe
Darwin on Trial – by Phillip Johnson
Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds – by Phillip Johnson
No Free Lunch – Why Specified Complexity Cannot Be Purchased Without Intelligence by William Dembski
Darwin’s God – Evolution and the Problem of Evil – by Cornelius Hunter
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis – by Michael Denton

True science and freedom of thought are inseparable, but as this video shows, some scientists prefer power to truth“…Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial

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