The work of EYMI is to supply you with quality Creation Science DVDs for schools, families, churches, camps, etc. Some titles include a Teacher and Student Resource. Fill in the blanks in the student notes that follow the video exactly.  The Video Quiz follows the notes exactly as well. Solution sets are available to both.

When invited we will bring our library to you, and project it in your classroom. Or, you may borrow our titles for your private showing with family and friends.

We believe in our materials so completely that we offer them for FREE viewing. However, we depend on donations of interested and concerned individuals to continue our work.

Please browse our Media Library or Resources Links, then use our Contact Form to arrange for a presentation, or ask about donating to this ministry.

About EYMI

Expanding Youth Ministries had its inception in 1970 in Naicam, SK. It became Expanding Youth Ministries ‘International’ later (1991) after our videos were taken abroad.

Jim Gregor, realizing there was a need to present the Biblical creation view to schools, began showing Moody Science films to school students, travelling all over Saskatchewan to do so.

E.Y.M. was affiliated with Canadian Sunday School Missions until 1983, when an autonomous board was organized to enhance its ministries.

In 1991, E.Y.M.I. started an international outreach in Eastern Europe, showing Moody Science films to thousands of students in the Kiev area. Thus the name became Expanding Youth Ministries International after our videos were taken abroad.

In 1992, under the direction of Fred Harter, E.Y.M.I. began ministering to students in Alberta schools. However, Fred passed away in 2008, and that branch closed down.

In more recent years other friends have started to take resources to other countries on our behalf and hand them over to trustworthy national pastors and people who then show them to eager audiences in  those countries.


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