Michael Oard and wife from Bozeman, Montana

Michael Oard and wife from Bozeman, Montana

Presentation by Michael Oard –

The Ice Age, it’s Origin and its Effects

Sunday Aug 6, 6:30 pm at Erindale Alliance Church ;  310 Perehudoff Cres., Saskatoon, in Fellowship Hall (West side entry)

This event is past, however, you may still see/hear the presentation, at this

link: https://youtu.be/voYS-QrEb4M

Secular scientists believe creation scientists cannot explain any significant geological features with our biblical worldview, while they can. I will test this assumption with the last major geological event in earth history: the ice age. The Ice Age is actually a major mystery of mainstream earth science that will be demonstrated in the talk. The evidence indicates that the Ice Age occurred after the Flood, indicating the Flood must have caused the radical climate change afterwards that resulted in a rapid Ice Age. Many details of the Ice Age have been worked out from over 45 years of research, such as it was only about 700 years long, there was only one ice age, and there will be no future ice age.

Michael has a Masters Science degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington and is now retired after working as a meteorologist with the US National Weather Service for 30 years. He has researched and speaks on the compelling evidence for Noah’s Flood and the Ice Age that followed, and how the incredible woolly mammoth connects to biblical history. Michael has published many papers in his field in widely recognized journals and has written An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, Ancient Ice Ages or Gigantic Submarine Landslides? The Missoula Flood Controversy and the Genesis Flood and The Frozen Record. He is also author of Frozen in Time, The Weather Book and Life in the Great Ice Age. He serves on the board of the Creation Research Society, USA and lives in Montana.

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