DVDs from EYMI are available for a donation, particularly if you will be showing these helpful and meaningful videos to others. Shown above are just a few of them. We have over 100 titles!

EYMI can supply you with quality DVDs for elementary through high school classes, for families, churches, camps, etc. Many titles include a Teacher and Student Resource. These are ‘fill-in-the-blank’ student notes that follow the video exactly.

John Armstrong, a retired teacher, has prepared video quizzes that follow the notes exactly too, and we can provide Solutions sets for both. All you need to do is ask via our Reach Us form.

DVDs from EYMI with Notes and Quizzes

1. Animals on the Move
2. Busy as a Bee
3. Clown-faced Carpenter
4. Eight Legged Engineer
5. Journey of Life
6. The Power in Plants
7. It’s a Small World
8. Treasure Hunt
9. Our Solar System
10. Privileged Planet
11. Where Does the Evidence Lead
12. Flight – the Genius of Birds
13. God of Wonders
14. Human Life: Crown of Creation
15. Metamorphosis
16. Wonders of God’s Creation

The DVDs from EYMI is an extensive library of videos that we are ready to show in your public or private school classroom or assembly. We are glad to lend them to churches and Sunday Schools, and religious schools as well.

Naturally a good teacher wants to know what kind of videos we have, exactly what is on them, and how long a showing of even just a specific part will be. To help you with your lesson planning we want to put our complete catalogues on this website. The links above take you to several specific lists. With time we will add a still more detailed page for most videos.

As a teacher, you will be happy to know that we have prepared some helpful teaching plans, and quizzes to help your students review what they saw in the video. We want to help you make this class time as efficient and effective as possible. Please get in touch so we can fax these Plan and Quizzes to you.