Wonders of God's Creation

The Wonders of God’s Creation, a Moody Science DVD has 3 titles and is available in English, Spanish and Russian.

I Planet Earth: The Sanctuary of Life: (65 min.)
a host of unique features that make Earth our only perfect place to live; hear from Newton, Einstein, Von Braun, Plato, Aristotle, da Vinci, Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, King David; watch a space launch and satellite flight; visit with 2 shuttle flights astronaut Guy Gardner; absorb spectacular shots of earth from space and views of radio telescopes and the orbiting Hubble telescope; enjoy a host of landscapes, animals and flowers; study the unique aspects of water – so ordinary – so extraordinary and its many special features and how they enable survival here; watch as glaciers calve, milk bottles extrude towers, and the water cycle is explained; marvel at storms, the work of clouds, the balance of unique earth features; learn of hidden miracles vital to our lives, compare aspects of our home with each of the other planets and our moon; discover details of tilt, gravity, magnetic field, atmosphere, aurora borealis, location and tides; learn about 300,000 plants, sea shells, crystals, flowers, coral, skies and scenery; observe the work of bees, pollination, fertilization, ovary and seed growth, pods, cones, fruit and seed dispersal; wonder at the magic of wild oat seeds, oxalis and scotch brome pod power; witness floods, fires and acorns; see how cocoanuts and knob cone pines are engineered to survive the rigors of their environment; see how the earth exceeds the intricate design of the space shuttle and what it means. Marvel at the matchless splendour of our special home; great music to boot!

II Animal Kingdom: Great Are Thy Works: (62 min.)
enjoy meeting a wide selection of animals, insects, birds, fish; wonder at the mysterious migrations of the Pacific Salmon and the drama of their return to the streams of their origins- a fantastic 15 min. odyssey; learn the cycles of the Monarch butterfly, its diet and defence and its unbelievable 2000 mile journey from Canada to Mexico; visit a bee-hive and learn the detailed and precise language of honey bees; watch spiders spin webs stronger than steel; witness Malaysian archer fish overcome refraction and shoot prey 4 feet above; observe eagles, kangaroos, penguins, frogs, mountain sheep, pelicans, porpoises, monkeys, snakes, hoppers, sloths, and chameleons; visit the great Barrier Reef and the miniature world in a single drop of water; meet peacocks, rhinos and polar bears. You will also meet spoonbills, crocs, egrets, caterpillars, chameleons, giraffes, spiders, skimmers and bats. Otters and whales and their skills and language will fascinate one and all. The Australian frilled lizard’s bluff and run will amaze. Bears, rattlers, seals, baboons, hyenas and killdeer will thrill. This is an exceptional world tour of exotic and enlightening wildlife.

III Human Life: Crown of Creation: (68 min.)
a gripping and thrilling examination of the aspects and capabilities and astounding potential of the human body and brain; fascinating gymnastic, athletic, artistic, musical and engineering accomplishments of man; an impressive peek into the development of a baby from start to finish and the growth and learning of a child; learn how the body renews itself; discover the incredible anatomical and physiological work of Leonardo Da Vinci; see the revelations provided by the modern machines that enable an even better look into our anatomy; explore the marvels of the skeleton and joints, the amazing blood system and the unbelievable heart; marvel at the functional capability of the hand and brain; compare our abilities with those of animals; watch Olympic performers and contortionists do the impossible and see the incredible accomplishments of Beethoven and Michelangelo. Witness interesting attempts at flight and other interesting adventures. This movie confronts you with some very impressive and thought-provoking realizations and raises some significant issues for consideration.

This whole series is a smorgasbord of colour and sound, – an astounding presentation of enlightenment and enjoyment bringing you a dazzling display of stunning performances, enchanting vistas and exotic diversity.

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