These are recommended resources that we are happy to refer you to for more media and information on creation science with a Biblical perspective. In fact, we order most of our resources from these worthy sources.

resources like - Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution

Institute for Creation Research, CA
The Institute for Creation Research was created by Dr. Henry Morris in 1970 and has become a major go-to source for high quality research into Creation-Science, and a publisher of excellent books and resources to help others understand these profound facts, showing that true science agrees with the truths God has given us about Himself and His universe. Their events are very worthwhile too.

Creation Science of Saskatchewan Inc.
This organization focuses on spreading Christian and scientific evidences for special Creation and the Creator all over Saskatchewan.

Exploration Films Videos
Exploration Films is a top of the class producer of dramatic and also educational films, DVDs, and books on nature, science, key issues for Christians. If you cannot find these resources locally, order them from this website.

Resources like - Unlocking the Mystery of Life - by Ullustra Media Videos

Illustra Media Videos
Illustra Media produces internationally acclaimed documentary films that explore the scientific case for intelligent design in the universe.

Working with the Discovery Institute and a team of scholars and scientists, Illustra has helped define the evidence for design in nature – and to expose the limitations of materialistic processes (including natural selection) that attempt to account for the origin and diversity of life on Earth.

Moody Bible Institute Videos
Moody Publishers is an arm of the work that D. L. Moody founded in 1894, and they have published well over 300,000 books since then, and of course, now also videos. Their standards are of the highest quality, and we recommend their products and authors to you.