Media available through EYMI consists of a number of video series with excellent photography, and interesting presentations of information that inspire awe for our Creator God. Since these are very suitable for classroom viewing and study we also have some review quizzes that a teacher could use.

God of Wonders – very popular, with two reviews here.
media available

RS especially for Div. 1-3 (6 titles, ea. with 3 segments of 10 min.)
(6 single title videos or 3 double title DVD’s)

#1: The Clown-Faced Carpenter: Journey to the Stars (galaxies); Woodpecker (clown); Water Everywhere (vital)
#2: The Wonder of You: A Matter of Taste (Animals Feed); Mystery (Insect Metamorphosis); Human Body

#3: The Power in Plants: (Mysterious Plant Mechanisms); It’s a Small World (Micro Organisms); Busy as a Bee
#4: Treasure Hunt: Eight-Legged Engineers; Treasure Hunt (Caves and Crystals); Animals Move (Variety)

#5: Flying on Wings of Beauty: (Butterflies); Machines of Beauty ( Flowers);Somewhere Out There (Astronomy)
#6: The Long Journey: (Salmon return home!); Streams of Life (Blood Stream); Life on the Move (Path of Seeds)


B. MOODY SCIENCE CREATION DISCOVERY SERIES: RS – Especially for division 1 & 2, entertaining, informative, fast moving, with quizzes.

God’s Earth Team (30 min.) Preserving the Earth He Has Given You. A big world, rich array of plants, orders of animal life, earth stewardship, environment, food chains. (fun)

God’s Power Plants (30 min.) Energy That Grows On You. Seeds, sprouting, importance of plants, metabolism, photosynthesis, chlorophyll factory, phyla, parts, pollination, insectivores.

God’s Rock’n World (30 min.) Foundations You Can Build On. Geology, earth’s layers, geothermal gradient rocks, minerals, crystals, gems, stalactites, stalagmites.



Journeys to the Edge of Creation – Div’n 2, 3, 4 RS

Our Solar System: (40 min.) Incredible footage, galactic and stellar images, planetary travel & close-ups, space probes, awesome discoveries, amazing views, earth’s unique and remarkable design.

The Milky Way and Beyond: (40 min.) light years, inconceivable distances, galaxies, nebulae, pulsars, black holes, cosmic revelation, orbiting telescopes, quasars, mind-stretching immensity.

The Awesome Forces of God’s Creation – Division 2,3,4 RS

Roaring Waters (45 min.): Dramatic tsunamis, storm surges, fronts, jet-streams, El Ninio, La Ninia, etc.
Whirling Winds (45 min.): Powerful footage: Tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, weather factors.
Thundering Earth (45 min.): Gripping shots: seismology, plates, major quakes, volcanoes, St. Helen’s.


The Wonders of God’s Creation – Division 1,2,3,4; RS – Eng., Sp., Russian.
Planet Earth – the Sanctuary of Life: (60 min.) a host of unique features that make Earth our only perfect place
Animal Kingdom – Great Are Thy Works : (60 min.) wide selection of animals, insects, birds, fish: excellent
* Human Life – Crown of Creation: (60 min.) unique features and capabilities, astounding potential, development.


D. MOODY SCIENCE CLASSICS: (28-30 min. each) (Div. (1),2,3,4,) RS

City of the Bees: Marvels of efficiency, engineering and language
Dust or Destiny : Fish eggs on land, bird navigation, bat radar.
Empty Cities: Stone cities, marvels of mathematics, engineering and astronomy in ancient civilizations.
Experience With an Eel: Power to electrocute a horse, use radar and stun its prey.
Facts of Faith: Cold heat, floating Steel, solids that aren’t solid.
God of Creation: Insect metamorphosis, time-lapse blooms, distant solar systems.
God of the Atom: Energy equal to mass, E=mc2, energy in matter.
Hidden Treasures : Snow flakes, crystals, ocean in a drop, micro-flowers, stalactites, stalagmites, jewels.
Mystery of Three Clocks: Human brain, cicada, chemical alarm clocks.
Of Books and Sloths: Natures champions in Panama’s jungle.
Prior Claim: Carnivorous plants, trap-door spiders, archer fish.
Professor and the Prophets: Laws of probability, odds of fulfillment.
Red River of Life: Heart function, blood stream, oxygen.
Signposts Aloft: Lost plane, disorientation, instrument flight.
Time and Eternity: Mystery of time, haunted house of space, ghosts of light speed, time microscope, relativity.
Ultimate Adventure: Ordeal of crossing Sahara on Motor bikes.
Voice of the Deep: Croaking fish, clacking shrimp, mooing porpoises, sounds of the sea.
Where the Waters Run: Hydrologic cycle, states of water, why ice floats, how water climbs trees.
Windows of the Soul: Five senses, can you trust them, seeing a smell, soundless whistles.



Distinctively Human: Immense variety, unique features & capabilities, astounding potential, development (58 min.)
Journey of Life: Seed dispersal magic, proliferation and preservation. (40 min.)

F. ILLUSTRA MEDIA DVD’s: RS (Division 3 and 4 and University) – thought provoking and wonderfully illustrated.

Unlocking the Mystery of Life (Eng/Sp. 60 min.) taking the viewer into the microscopic universe of the living cell
Where Does the Evidence Lead? (60 min,) – six-part modular package of “Unlocking the Mystery of Life”
The Case for a Creator (60 min.) – Science led Lee Strobel to atheism and then it led him to intelligent design.
The Privileged Planet (60 min.) “Modern science contends that our planet and the life it sustains are commonplace and remarkable. Yet recent evidence reveals a very different perspective.” (see details of these 4 over the page)
The Exodus Revealed: The Red Sea Crossing (60 min.) “…search for the archeological evidence confirming the Israelite’s exodus from Egypt” – photographic survey of coral encrusted artifacts on floor of Red Sea.


G. EXPLORATION FILMS: on DVD RS ( Division 2,3 and 4 ) – a challenge to describe evolutionary mechanisms for the origin of these unique creatures.

Incredible Creatures That defy Evolution I (50 min.) Introduction, Bombadier Beetle, Giraffe, Woodpecker, Incubator Bird, Chicken Egg, Beaver, Platypus, Spider, Gecko, Chuckwalla Lizard, Human Body, Conclusion.
Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution II (50 min.) Introduction., Whales, Golden Plover, Dragonflies, Hippopotamus, Glowworm , Bears, Earthworm, Elephant, Educational Dishonesty, Sparrow, Design.
Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution III (80 min.) Intro.(Darwin), Mussel, Horse, Ostriches, Vestigal Organs, Hummingbird, Dogs, Manatee, Butterfly, Design, Cuttlefish, Penguin, Molipina Bee

** (In the interest of adjusting for your available class time with Exploration Films, please choose the segments that you would like to see. Each segment is about 6 min. in length)


H EXPLORE THE WILDLIFE KINGDOM: RS (new from Exploration Films) (Div. 1-4, 50 min. ea.)

Cougar – Ghost of the Rockies: fascinating documentary on the puma or mountain lion
Dolphins – Tribes of the Sea: various groups, their language, affection, athletics, intelligence, intuition
Golden River – Secrets of the Amazon: explore the rare creatures and life of the pure waters of Rio Negro
Hidden World of Africa: from rare and tiny insects to large mammals, a fascinating look at a little seen world
Lions – Kings of Africa : spend an exciting year with a pride of lions in their native Ngorongoro Crater
Wildebeast – The Great African Migration: meet millions of strange and amazing herd animals of the plains

I. NEW from Exploration Films! RS!!!

Life’s Story: The One That Hasn’t Been Told (56 min., Div. 2-4+) DNA Research, Species, Variation, Symbiosis
Life’s Story 2: The Reason For The Journey (100 min.., Div. 2-4+) simple cells to complex animals, great photography, navigation techniques, behavior, hoaxes, origins, diversity, senses, genes, design, extras.


J. VIDEOS BY FOCUS ON THE FAMILY: RS (Div. 3,4 & 1-2 for Drug Monster)

Masquerade – drugs and alcohol Div. 2 or 3 &+ (30 min.)
Twice Pardoned – an ex-convict speaks – Division 3 & 4 (41min.) from athlete to criminal and back, traps to avoid.
Classroom of the Heart – Div. 3,4 + (40 min.) on low self esteem with Guy Doud – National Teacher of the Year
No Apologies, Truth about Life, Love and Sex (30 min.)
Sex, Lies & The Truth (30 min.) facts re. sex today, unwanted pregnancy, bad choices, disease, wisdom.
The Myth of Safe Sex


The Boy Who Was Swallowed By The Drug Monster: 13 min. (appeal, deception, danger of drugs – Div. 1,2,3)



ORIGINS: HOW THE WORLD CAME TO BE: RS (Eng. Fr. Sp.) (Video/DVD ea. 30 min. Div.3,4,+)
The Origin of the Universe: big bang? entropy, complexity
The Earth, A Young Planet: billions of years old or relatively young, dating techniques and flaws
The Origin of Life: How did Life Begin? Re. creating life in the lab, challenges, DNA
The Origin of Species: common family tree, mutations and natural selection problems
The Origin of Mankind: primate ancestors, problems, missing links
The Fossil Record: Grand Canyon, geology, fossilization, coal formation


The Great Dinosaur Mystery: Did Dinosaurs Disappear Before Man Appeared? All ages (20 min.)



Triumph Over Odds: (50 min.) David was born with cerebral palsy, orphaned early in life, moved from family to family, experienced a breakthrough, wrote a book, a nationally known speaker since ’73, speaks to hundreds of thousands, helps others overcome handicaps, married with 4 kids, says “I have cerebral palsy – What’s your problem?”


O. MOODY INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE: RS a set of 40, subject specific video tapes covering grades 1 to 12 and varying from 7 to 28 min. in length. See MIS subject-specific short video list.