Moody Science Adventure series 1

Detail Catalogue: especially for School Divisions 1-3. (18 movies)

Six titles, each with 3 segments of 10 min., available on 6 single-title videos or 3 double-title DVDs

(18 separate sections, spectacular photography, fast-paced, interesting, informative, appealing, thought-provoking with a great variety of topics, sites, animals and scenery, wide appeal.)

1. The Clown-Faced Carpenter

(video #1, or DVD #1a)

a. Journey to the Stars: shows how the history of astronomy changed with the invention of the telescope, showing the moon, planets and progress in technology; the 100 inch Mt. Wilson telescope and the 200 in., 500 ton Mt. Palomar telescope; our star, the sun; the size and distance of its planets; lots of info., larger stars and concepts of distance in light years explained; the milky way; changing concepts of nebulae; various types and examples; vastness of space; radio telescopes; numbers of stars!

b. The Clown-faced Carpenter- the Acorn Woodpecker: perforating trees, poles, buildings and hammering in acorns for winter as food above the snow for self, jays and squirrels; they cause damage, but are protected; building nests and raising young who repeat the cycle automatically.

c. Water, Water Everywhere: Moon is dry and dead. Earth is wet, alive, green, teeming with plants animals, birds and fish. Great shots of the above and of coral, flowers, babies, athletes, crowds and oceans, waterfalls etc. 70% of earth’s surface, 326 cubic miles of water would be 8000-9000 feet deep if the earth was smooth. The water cycle shown and explained, and the vast amounts of water needed to produce a loaf of bread, a barrel of oil, a pound of beef, one automobile, 250 tons of grain etc. % of water in fruits and bodies, length of your blood vessels, multiple uses of water in the body, food, fun, industry, ecology.

2. The Wonder of You

(video #2 or DVD #1b)

a. A Matter of Taste: watch a wide variety of unusual animals feed, meet rare and fascinating species and discover their special features and abilities, watch archer fish shoot prey and chameleons lasso food, learn how pit vipers see at night and much more.

b. A Mystery Story: watch metamorphosis of the Anis Swallow Tail butterfly form eggs smaller than pin heads to gorgeous adults, observe their incredible appetite and unusual protection from danger, discover the amazing changes from one stage of life to the next and their camouflage.

c. The Wonder of You: ponder the amazing machine of the Human Body; wonder at the self-lubricating skeleton, the self-regulating and self-repairing chemical factory, the hand, the incredible eye and ear structures and functions, the unbelievable work volume of the heart. What a design!

3. The Power in Plants

Moody Science Series 2

(video #3 or DVD #2a)

a. The Power in Plants: feast your eyes on fields of wild flowers and learn about mysterious plant mechanisms, thrill to the wonders of time-lapse photography as four days pass in 30 seconds, watch the effects of geo-tropisms and photo-tropisms in growing plants, learn how plants can break concrete and defy gravity, enjoy beautiful blossoms opening at 50,000 times normal growth rates and see how plants make food, produce seeds and cope with challenges.

b. It’s a Small World: enter the world of micro organisms, learn about the invention of the microscope 400 yrs. ago and the discovery of a whole new world in a drop of water 300 years ago; meet dozens of “tiny beasties” such as rotofers, water fleas, amoebae, paramecia, didinia, flatworms, medusae, segmented worms and diatoms; watch the activities of polykeet larvae, volvox colonies and protozoa in glass tubes, visit a floating marine classroom, wonder at mountains of microscopic glass houses, mines of minute treasures, marine museums in mud and see how we use these tiny treasures in brick, paint, plastic, food, paper and chemicals.

c. Busy as a Bee: great shots inside a working hive, the many chores, co-operation, stages of life, feeding, education, watch the production of wax and comb construction and use, garbage and guard duty, air-conditioning, go on food gathering missions and learn about the communication dance, queen production and duty, find out what is interesting about drones.

4. Treasure Hunt

(video #4 or DVD #2b)

a. Eight-Legged Engineers: discover the amazing world of 100,000 types spiders, see how from the time they hatch they are able to build amazing structures with cables stronger than steel using over 36,000 spinnerets, learn about different kinds of silk and how they don’t get stuck in their own webs, watch these skilled engineers make and use webs, bolas and trap doors to catch prey and make cases for 100’s of eggs.

b. Animals Move: begins with a space-launch type, suspense-building countdown to blasting off with an endless parade of a myriad variety of animals, birds, flocks, herds, insects, sea-life, from all parts of the world; meet rhinos, spoonbills, chameleons, sharks, llamas, elephants, crocks, humming birds, pelicans and many, many more in action in their habitats.

c. Treasure Hunt: captures the allure of pirate caves and buried treasure, takes you on spelunking forays into the mysterious and breath-taking bowels of the earth, discover stalactites and stalagmites, crystals and chasms, watch dissolving and crystallizing minerals, compounds and chemicals; enjoy the beauty and wonder of a vast array of crystals produced under magnification with polarized light and using common, everyday substances; another greater treasure also.

5. Flying on Wings of Beauty

Moody Science - series 3

(video #5 or DVD #3a)

begins with a 2-minute tour of exquisite world beauty-spots, glaciers calving, volcanoes erupting, exciting animals, birds, insects, flowers and forests with cheerful background music provided by an unseen children’s choir. A real smorgasbord.

a. Flying on Wings of Beauty: following migration shots of birds, reindeer and whales, you are introduced to the wonder of the Monarch butterfly’s migration, watch the adult emerge from its chrysalis; watch eggs hatch, caterpillars eat voraciously, learn about poison milkweed as home, food and protection from birds; watch several generations precede the one that flies 1000s of miles to winter elsewhere; discover the southern home they enjoy before they send the next generation north; wonder as the 4th or 5th generation later repeats the cycle!

b. Machines of Beauty: thrill to fabulous time-lapse movie shots of flowers opening to become seed factories to feed the world; observe the processes of pollination, fertilization and seed development; take in the amazing shots of explosive action as seeds are propelled on their ways.

c. Somewhere Out There: enter the astounding grandeur and awesome expanses of astronomy, visit observatories, see 1000’s of stars and galaxies; understand the milky way and various types of nebulae and super novas; see several examples of different types, examine the orbiting Hubble telescope and see millions of light years out into space; wonder at the expanse of space. Enjoy another kaleidoscope of sights and sounds from everywhere as a grand finale.

6. The Long Journey

(video #6 or DVD #3b)

– fantastic variety show of the world beauty and wonders.

a. The Long Journey: follow the pacific salmon on its marathon life journey from stream to ocean and back home; watch salmon from California to Alaska grow to 4″ – 6″ in a year and leave home to circle the Pacific for 1-4 years, reaching weights of 2-100 pounds before heading home; watch them accomplishing unbelievable feats and scaling waterfalls of 10 feet and more, to return to the very stream of their origin to complete their life story; see lab tests that show how they are able to find the exact stream of their birth, and discover the dangers they encounter on the way.

b. Streams of Life: an exciting and thrilling look into your blood stream, -the most amazing stream of all; get acquainted with this 60,000 mile-long river; take an imaginary journey to a fictional planet with an unusual supply and waste system as an allegory; learn what takes only 60 seconds to accomplish in you and how your pump moves 1800 gallons a day; learn how long it would take your heart to fill a 25 mile long line of tank cars; see inside a beating heart and discover what is unique about heart cells.

c. Life on the Move: examine the world of seeds and their amazing means of dispersal; enjoy a beautiful and interesting tour of fields, plains, farms, forests and mountains as seeds are moved and sprouted by many means; discover how some plants have seeds that can walk and plant themselves; meet others that use explosive means to propel their seeds great distances and others that are released only by destructive force.

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