The Case for a Crteator

The Case for a Creator, is a journalist’s investigation of the scientific evidence that points toward God. The author is Lee Strobe.l, and the film was produced with his full cooperation.

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B. Chapters: Time:
1. Introduction: Science led Lee Strobel to atheism and back again 0:00-8:10
2. Negative Evidence: amino acid experiment, fossils, Cambrian explosion 8:10-18:37
3.Cosmology: Kalam Cos. Argument, Einstein, Hubbel, singularity 18:37-26:00
4. Physics: constants, laws, Robin Collins, parameters, tolerances 26:00-33:04
5. Astronomy: cosmic lottery, Guillermo Gonzolez, odds, questions 33:04-40:04
6. Biological Machines: irreducible complexity 40:04-48:44
7. Biological Information: DNA, stupendous code, intelligent design. 48:44-57:54
8. Credits: 57:54-59:29

C. Bonus Features: 40 minutes or more of special topics:

1. Questions and Answers: 14 printed questions with live video answers by scientists.

1. What is Intelligent Design Theory? (1:38)
2. Why Are Many Scientists Opposed To The Theory Of Intelligent Design? (1:37)
3. Is Intelligent Design Theory Based On A Religious Premise? (0:55)
4. How Would You Respond To The Claim That Intelligent Design Theory Is Not Falsifiable?(1:56)
5. What Is Neo-Darwinism? (1:56)
6. What Is Macro-Evolution? (1:58)
7. Has The Theory Of Natural Selection Fulfilled Darwin’s Expectation’s? (0:52)
8. What Is The Defining Characteristic Of Darwin’s Theory? (1:48)
9. How Do You Explain The Cambrian Explosion Of Life? (1:17)
10. How Does The Fine-Tuning Of The Laws And Constants Of Physics Point To Intelligent Design? (1:23)
11. Why Are Many Engineers Intrigued By Intelligent Design Theory? (1:10)
12. What Are The Implications Of A Finite Universe? (0:59)
13. How Would You Answer The Question, “Who Created God?” (2:55)
14. Describe The Work Of Discovery Institute”s Center For Science And Culture (1:36)
Sub Total = 22:00

2. How Did Life Begin? 4 slides with printed questions and a 10 minute video detailing the work of Darwin, Oparin and issues re. amino acid and protein improbability.

3. The Machinery of Life: 4 slides of printed information and a 3min. 40 sec. computer animation video showing protein replication.
Sub Total = 13:40

4. Intelligent Design Resources: 10 slides of printed information

5. Resources From Lee Strobel: 6 slides of printed lists of resources

My road to atheism was paved by science…. but, ironically, so was my later journey to God.” – Lee Strobel – award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune. Following his conversion from atheism in 1981, he wrote the best-selling books, The Case For Christ, The Case For Faith and The Case For A Creator

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