Honouring JIM GREGOR, and the ministry of EYMI, which he envisioned, initiated, developed, and led.

Scriptures that Jim Gregor lived, and promoted:

Jim Gregor, founder (memorial photo)

That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but to keep His commandments. Psalm 78:8

Now this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent. John 17:3

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples. 1 Chronicles 16:24 NKJV

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

We, who came alongside Jim in his EYMI ministry, have seen these verses guide the ministry, and our personal parts within it.

Listen first to the “Job description” that framed Jim’s personal ministry, AND was fully realized through his zeal and energy and talent. You will “see” Jim in the words I share:

JOB DESCRIPTION for the Director of Expanding Youth Ministries (1989)

Purpose: This job exists to:
present, through film presentation and pulpit ministry, the scientific evidence of God as Creator, Lord and Savior.
Promote this ministry through the vehicle of “Expanding Youth Ministries” together with its Board members and the many supporting churches.

1. To arrange for and accomplish film presentation by:
a. Contacting school boards, Directors of Education and school principals
b. Personally commuting to the schools and presenting the films
c. Personally meeting with principals, teachers and education authorities as required

2. Promoting this work in the Christian community by:
a. Contacting churches, Christian organizations, pastors and community leaders
b. Ministering on a weekly basis in churches, Bible colleges and church conferences
c. Promoting the use of these films by representing Expanding Youth Ministries at Teachers’ conventions and Conferences in Saskatchewan.

Organizational Relationships:

The Director’s first responsibility is to God. Through EYM Board members he is responsible to the various supporting churches. The Director is responsible to be a faithful minister of the Gospel fulfilling within his job description the Lord’s commission to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel”.


Reverend James Gregor held a Certificate of Ordination with the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada.

He served with the Canadian Sunday School Mission in Saskatchewan.

He also served as director of Torch Trail Bible Camp in east central Saskatchewan.

This work history uniquely suited him in both experience and contacts for the work that he had undertaken.

Excerpts from the EYMI Constitution:

1. Expanding Youth Ministries had its inception in 1970 in Niacam. Jim Gregor, realizing there was a need to present the Biblical creation view to schools, began showing Moody Science films to school students.

2. EYM was affiliated with Canadian Sunday School Mission until 1983 when an autonomous board was organized, by Jim Gregor, to enhance its ministries.

3. The PURPOSE of EYM includes the following:
a. To present visual materials that show evidence of God as our Creator.
b. Advance religious education through video materials.
c. Facilitate the propagation of this ministry outside of Saskatchewan.

4. The management of EYMI shall be vested in a Board.
a. Board members must have confessed their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as only Savior and be active Christians.

Further comments:

1. EYMI has been a registered charity since its inception.

2. EYMI has gained associate membership in CCCC, and abides by its rules, and benefits from its assistance.

3. EYMI has expanded its influence to include many schools and school districts in Alberta.

4. Beyond Canada, EYMI has provided both projectors and Christian creation-related materials to Russia, Japan, Mexico, Uganda, India and Rwanda. MANY conversions of students, and influential people have resulted, along with long-standing continued ministry through what EYMI has provided.

5. Within our province, public school presentations have become more difficult. However, EYMI prayerfully enters the many opportunities God offers us in churches, youth groups, among 1st nations, among minority groups, and within the schools that are still open to our God-centered and Creation-centered ministry.

6. One example testimony provided by our Director, Jim Gregor, after a long trip to several schools:
We’ve been waiting for you, a principal volunteered. You can have my ethics class.
God arranged for us to relieve a busy principal by offering his students quality, God-honouring material.

At one school a student, who was a Science Fair winner, asked, “When will EYMI show us another video?” That school arranged an occasion for EYMI on the spot. The teacher then followed us into the parking lot and insisted in purchasing the DVD for further use in his classes. God IS using EYMI. (This is still true!)

7. As our EYMI board, and the members of our official Advisor Committee, continue to pray and work, the ministry of EYMI is expanding its avenues of ministry, and its means of attracting teachers and other leaders, so more will benefit from the every growing – and increasingly excellent – Christian/Creation video materials.

a. EYMI has created Teacher/Student resources for many of our videos. These allow teachers to offer quality video follow-up with their students, without heavy preparation on their part.

b. EYMI has purchased quality projector systems, and offered them (along with quality videos) to dedicated Christians, within Saskatchewan, and around the world. God is honouring this ministry in ways that EYMI could not have imagined in its inception.

c. EYMI continues to offer the best Christian / Creation videos FOR FREE to those who we know will make the best use of them.

May Jim’s legacy with EYMI continue to be honoured as the work and ministry continues to be used by God for the salvation of souls!

(- John Armstrong)

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