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Board Members

Board Members and Advisors as we are currently, the leaders under God, of Expanding Youth Ministries. But we do not forget our Founder, Jim Gregor.

Jim and Betty Gregor

Jim and Betty Gregor

Founder: Pastor Jim Gregor (retired pastor/founder of EYMI)

Board Members

Chairman: John Armstrong

Vice Chairman: Terry Hamm

Treasurer: Ike Thiessen

Secretary: Lynn Moen

Pastor John McGregor

Pastor Luis Estrada

Wilf Loewen



Advisor: Pastor Martin Naistus

Advisor: Linda Naistus

Advisor: Eldred Fast

Advisor: Pastor Romy Cusay

Advisor: Gil Klassen

Advisor: Pastor Al Pinno

Advisor: Ralph Underwood

Web Master: Ruth Marlene Friesen


Honorary Board Advisors:

Gerald/Helen Muirhead Retired Farmers

Doris Whyte Retired Schoolteacher (Nipawin)

David Little Retired Schoolteacher/ Principal


ALBERTA EYMA (folded 2008)

Associate Director was: Rev. Fred Harter – passed away December 2010

EYMI Ministry Today

We can no longer go into most public schools. We can still go into some – public, separate or private schools, First Nations’ schools on their Reserves, Hutterite Colonies, and of course, many home schools and churches.

Our website reaches around the world. We also have sent DVDs and projectors to missionaries in certain countries, such as Rwanda, Mexico, India, Ukraine, Zamb ia, Uganda, and Ghana.

Sometimes we partner with other missions, such as: Beautiful Feet Ministry, Gideons Christ Passion Evangelistic Ministries, etc.

We attend the AWASIS Conference, which is for First Nations’ teachers from across Saskatchewan and beyond. There we get in touch with Aboriginal teachers who favour Creation ministry, and we give them the God of Wonders DVDs.

Through the winter of 2015/16, as an outreach to Onion Lake Reserve, two of our Board members have been taking food and showing Creation DVDs to the young people. Some of our Board members are from Onion Lake and have encouraged this outreach. Their young people need Christ!

[Updated 7/17/16]

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